21 October 2009

salon de l’aviculture et des produits du terroir

salonag01so i went into this thinking it was a salon de l’agriculture, with fruit and veggies and food and what not… not aviculture, which is poultry farming.

salonag02but it was still nice because i adore animals. i of course perked up when i saw the texas reference.

salonag03<3 the grays

salonag04 and the browns as well

salonag05especially this curly haired beauty.

salonag06but my favorite? anything white and poofy. like clouds. sheep. and the 4 cuties pictured here.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Thanks for sharing! There are some fabulous animals!



Lizounette said...

How sweet are those curly haired hens! Do you know what breed they are?

Maureen said...

the white bunny has the Id# STAMPED ON THE EAR?