11 October 2009

a staple plus a st honoré

bread01i’ve discovered my favorite bakery in evreux. it took me a while, sampling various baguettes, but once i found one that hit the spot, it sealed the deal.

and now, i’m exploring other breads sold by the boulangerie. like this one.

bread02the pavé campaillette. i wish i knew more about it, but all i can tell you that it tasted heavenly. soft. whit-ish. and as for the word campaillette – i can’t really find any information about it online either.

bread03i think they’re starting to recognize me as a regular at the bakery. so don’t worry – once i’m on their good side, i’ll be asking questions like crazy and i’ll be able to solve many mysteries. but for now, i’m just enjoying tasting it all while building up my reputation as the insanely happy girl who visits 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, times a week.

sthonore01i was also ready to buy a real pastry! one that requires me running home to photograph it before eating it. however, the box wasn’t shut completely, which i thought was odd, so i forced it down.


sthonore02i squished my st. honoré!

sthonore03a squished pastry is still a delicious pastry. and with the right angles, it is still a beautiful pastry.

posted by cathy at 1:45 am… thank goodness she doesn’t have to be at work until 1:30pm!


Jen@TinyUrbanKitchen said...

Hi Cathy,
I just wanted to say that I really love all the photos that you take and I really enjoy reading your blog. I decided to list you as a blog to receive the "One Lovely Blog" Award. :)

Robin said...

Bonjour Cathy,

Es-tu en France en ce moment?

Are you in France right now?


cathy said...

@jen: so honored. thank you!
@robin: oui, je suis en france! and i love it so much.

Robin said...

I like your style, Cathy, the atmosphere of your blog. Are you single?

Where can i find you on Facebook, please?


donna said...

i guess i am living vicariously through your blog.....i am very milk allergic and not able to eat pastries at all......so i see them as an art form....which truly they ARE!

cathy said...

@donna: oh no! well i'm glad at the very least just looking at them makes you happy :)