17 October 2009

two magazines and a book

lpndoesn’t this look innocent?

just two magazines (cooking related of course) and just a children’s book. it’s not very much.

but it’s going to grow. exponentially. my amazon.fr wishlist is already dangerously long. and books are the one thing that i don’t plan on throwing in the poubelle come may.

also, the number one thing that i refuse to leave france without: PH10 by pierre herme. it’s out of print. not to mention super expensive. but it will be mine. not sure how, but it is going to end up on a certain bookshelf in texas. promise.

and in other news, a little preview of what i did today…

chocthe salon du chocolate 2009. oh yes. a giant room. in paris. filled, and i do mean filled, with chocolate. soon.


hope n laughter said...

I'm sure that you will end up with the book you want. Persistance does pay off.

donna said...

oh how i wish i could have been there with you at the chocolate show!!!!! i CAN eat chocolate if it is dark and milk free....life would not be worth living w/o chocolate.

émilie said...

Oh ! Le Petit Nicolas !!! Cette série de livres est merveilleuse. C'est un vrai retour en enfance:les copains, les récrés, les bêtises... Une fois les livres finis, il faut aller voir le film ;)

cathy said...

@hope: merci!
@donna: good good, i'm glad chocolate is okay! without chocolate... i don't want to even imagine.
@emilie: oui oui! j'ai appris le français avec le petit nicolas :) et j'ai déjà vu le film, mais je préfère les livres parce que les dessins sont très amusant et mignon!

Anonymous said...

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