05 October 2009

unexpected hearts

i love finding untraditional hearts.

heart01 like this one, on a friend of a friend’s bookshelf way back in february, in austin of course.

heart02and this hook in evreux. i probably would have passed by it if not for the subtle shadow it made.

i find the heart symbol has been cheapened because it is so overused (and i’ll admit i abuse it as well). but every time i stumble upon it in a unique form, i have to make a photo. have to.

and i am seriously <3ing evreux and all the people i’m meeting.


donna said...

my "daughter" who really isn't my real daughter just brought me back a heart shaped rock last month from cize....i also have one from my trip to lourmarin last year, as well as others...love it when i find that shape in natural objects

cathy said...

@donna: too sweet! heart shaped anything natural is always amazing :)