01 October 2009


waiting01well, guess what! today is my first official day of my contract! and guess what i’m doing! …waiting. (and posting photos of from my daytrip to trouville-sur-mer and deauville)

that’s right, this job is for those who love waiting. if you are a strict on the schedule person, you might kill yourself. for example: apply in november, wait, notification of acceptance 6 months later in may, wait, notification of what city you’re in in june, wait, go to consulate in july, wait for your visa, wait, come to france, wait for your contact to contact you, wait to find out what school you’re at…wait. etc. but i love it. i’m not in a rush to do anything. i’ve got plenty of time.

so much today is instantaneous. poor poor waiting. he’s so abandoned. people like instant much better. i don’t blame them, the convenience is wonderful.

but, waiting is what makes life so much sweeter, stronger, and better.

waiting02like this. this is gorgeous. and now. but at 11am. 8pm is where the party is at. what does one do? wait.

waiting03and baguettes. wait for it to rest, for it to rise, for it to develop flavor, for it to bake… but never for it to cool. i don’t wait for that. i eat ASAP once its out of the oven. HOT WARM bread always, always wins over cold bread. no waiting there!

waiting04and. 9 hours later. for this. always, always, always, worth it. if i can, i try to never leave a place with an ocean until after the sun has set. because that glow gets me every time.

yay for “first day of work” !

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donna said...

love the picture of seafaring ropes and chains....reminds me of nova scotia.....frankly i love anything having to do with the ocean! ANY ocean!

Fifi Flowers said...

I wish I had one of those baugettes right now!!! YUM!!!