18 November 2009

22 23

pinatajust a little under 12 hours, and i’m going to be twenty-three! vingt-trois! 二十三歲!dreiundzwanzig! veintitrés!

but it’s not just me. on sunday, two lovely friends are also celebrating their birthdays. thus, it’s a triple birthday weekend. and i can’t wait.

so, i’m making piñatas for them… i can’t escape making things. it just feels so right when i spend hours just working with my hands. and it also feels so nice to make a mess.

pmand now, the last thing i will write as a twenty-two year old! i sometimes feel as if i couldn’t possibly be 22 with everything i’ve experienced in life. i’ve met way too many lovely people, seen too many beautiful views, tasted a billion delicious foods, visited so many countries, listened to numerous languages… it seems i should be about 42 with the amount of things i’ve done.

but nope, i really am 22! and if i’ve done this much so far, i’m so excited just thinking about the potential of what i’ll be doing within the next few years…!

i’ve got friends who are 22 who are married and have babies and dogs and houses with giant backyards… and it always blows my mind how different the paths changed once we all graduated from college. we’re the same age, but we’re doing completely different things. because up until then, it was the same: elementary school –> middle school –> high school –> college –>…and then, that straight line goes wack and becomes something very very very different for everybody!

au revoir forever, because a 23 year old will be writing in this journal from now on!



donna said...

it IS interesting to see the paths that people take once they leave college......everyone has a different motivator.......what will be even more interesting will be "you", 20 years from now.....BUT for now....Bonne Anniversaire, Madamoiselle Vingt-trois!!!!!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Happy Birthday! You are still very young ;-P... Most people my age are also married, have houses and a few kids!



Cathy said...

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y!!

x said...

bon anniversaire!

émilie said...

Je te souhaite un très joyeux anniversaire!!! Et profite bien de tes 23 ans parce que comme le dit une chanson que j'adore "si la jeunesse est un vilain défaut on s'en corrige bien assez vite" ;)

Lizounette said...

Bon Anniversaire! I hope you have a fabulous 23rd year.

Yann said...

Happy Birthday !
This comment gives me the opportunity to tell you how much I like your blog. Not only because I was born in Evreux, enjoy photography and have travelled quite a lot too. I don't really know why but it's always a pleasure to see your pictures and read from you. It's fresh and positive. That's maybe why.

cathy said...

@donna: 43... bring it on! can't wait :) thank you!
@rosa: thank you so much for the bday wishes :)!
@cathy: thank you!
@x: merci
@emilie: merci pour la chanson! je l'ai trouvé sur youtube, et ça me plaît beaucoup!
@lizounette: thanks!!
@yann: thanks so much for the lovely comment. and it's very exciting for me that an ebroician likes my little journal :) i love evreux very much!

again, thank you everybody for the wonderful birthday wishes!!!!