08 November 2009

au fond du jardin

madstras01hello there! do you see these little beauties? strasbourg may be famous for its kugelhopfs (brioche with raisins and almonds) and choucroute (sauerkraut with meat and potatoes), but for me it will be the city where i discovered the most gorgeous madeleines ever.

madstras02it all started when i was on my way to the palais rohan, which is a 3-in-1 museum. but this window at au fond du jardin at 6, rue râpe made me stop. why?

madstras03maybe because i saw this. do i need to really describe it? i stopped. stared. fell in love. the colors. the things on top. the beauty!

and of course, it was fermé. as usual, for things in france. so i waited a few days to go back, keeping the pretty madeleines in my mind at all times.

madstras04and i came back another day, when it was ouvert.  and i oohed. and aahed. and talked! how could you not fall in love with a place this charming?

and the nice man working there was happy to talk to me about everything from the decoration to the flavors of the madeleines – i <3 it when the people working at a place are super enthusiastic about where they work.

and of course, places that encourage me to take photos make me even happier.

madstras05and this is the best thing in au fond du jardin. it just made me giggle because with all the hundreds of statues i’ve seen in my life… i never expected to see one holding up madeleines. the juxtaposition is so perfect, and i love it.

madstras06they also give their madeleines names. meet grace kelly. she’s flavored with jasmine powder and olympia roses.

madstras07and january. one bite and you’ll taste the almonds, vanilla, and lavender inside.

madstras08and the decoration goes beyond the shop and madeleines – it trickles down to the packaging. just look at my beautiful bag and box. with two pretty white ribbons.

madstras09on the left, meet madame. she’s got dark chocolate, earl gray tea, and slivers of lemon peel on top. and gold dust. gold dust! look at it!

madstras10you’ve already met madame and january on the left, but you must meet rose dragées as well. the pink beauty is of course rose flavored, but also has delicious almonds as well. yuuum!

when i went, there were about 8 flavors. they have a total of 40, and rotate them each day. so if i ever go back to strasbourg, i’ll be making another stop to see what madeleines they have that day!

but most of all – i’m inspired! no matter how popular or common something is, there is always a way to add your own personal touch to it. which i think was done so successfully with these – you can automatically see the personality of the people behind the the shop just by looking at the way they’ve chosen to present, decorate, and flavor their madeleines.


donna said...

what incredible pictures.....i hope more people find your blog very soon.....you did an incredible job of composing the pics on this blog entry.....they are a joy to look at.....did you get to eat any of them?....and were they as good as they look?

Nina said...

Cathy--amazing post. My jaw was literally *on the ground* pouring over your beautiful photos. I couldnt agree more with Donna. I love Strasbourg--now I have one more reason to visit (not that I needed one!) Greetings from New York.

cathy said...

@donna: indeed,i cut them up (ouch!) and shared them with some friends. i loved the rose flavored ones best. they were all delicious to me... however, i am not sure if i am a good judge because im pretty sure my love for how they looked overlapped into my love for how they tasted ;)

@nina: i'm so glad you liked them :)! and i hope you can also get some madeleine love whenever you visit strasbourg!

hope n laughter said...

It was a joy to look at your photos of pastries. I look at them and think beauty and even better that they get to be tasted.

chocolatecup said...

oh my! those are some exquisite Madeleines:) fueling some serious craving here!

cathy said...

@hope: so glad they gave you joy <3
@chocolate cup: mmm make sure to satisfy that craving!