05 November 2009


home01i’m back. but where oh where to start? how about, that even though france is not my home and that evreux is not my city, and that i’ve only known my new friends since september… i had the same feelings of happiness and excitement of returning home, just like every 3 hour drive or 10 hour flight i have ever had back to texas. it just felt a little odd since i thought i could only feel like that when i went home home, but now i ended up feeling it about evreux. i really do <3 it so much.

home02and i’m going to tease you with the most beautiful madeleines i have ever seen in my life. more later, i promise – but i have to work in two hours! i just needed to get my online journaling fix out of the way.


émilie said...

Tant mieux si le retour de vacances n'a pas été trop difficile et si tu te sens bien dans ton nouveau petit chez toi ;)
Ces madeleines sont vraiment adorables. Il me tarde d'en savoir plus...

donna said...

hey you're back!!!!....i have moved several times to different areas of the U.S., and " wherever you ARE, is home".....love the madeleine pic...my best friend, who is a wonderful crazy baker, used to make madeleines for me every B-Day...no longer can, but i can still taste them