14 November 2009


colmar01thirty minutes south of strasbourg by train is colmar. known as the petite venise in french, it makes for a pleasant day trip.

colmar02you don’t go to a region and not try it’s most famous food. so i had to cave one day and eat choucroute – sauerkraut, potatoes, and meat. my host V told me that you can’t get good choucroute in a restaurant, as it is a family meal type of food…. but hey, restaurant choucroute is better than no choucroute!

colmar03my dream house in france would be this blue. this gorgeous blue. or turquoise, whatever the official name is. and inside it would be white. and just as gorgeous. (however, i have not forgotten about my dream red house in quebec)

colmar04as much as i love collaging photos, sometimes a photo is so strong by itself that to put anything next to it would hurt it. this is one of those photos. and i’m so in love with it. not only does it have the perfect sky, it’s got two lovely houses (with my dream color) and a very very adorable old couple. from all the photos i took over toussaint, this one is my undeniable favorite.

colmar05 i am truly in love with clouds.

colmar06look familiar? yes, it indeed is a mockup of the statue of liberty! colmar is the home of Frédéric Bartholdi, who designed the famous gift from france to america.

colmar07and i had myself a nice tart and a kugelhopf! V’s tip to me for the perfect kugelhopf: it must be dry but not too dry…! so i did lots of sampling… and here is an example of a good one. but you can’t tell by looks, only taste. so eat up!

colmar08rush hour = no train discount = take a later train = walk around and make lots of photos = my way of traveling.

colmar09oh carousels. i love you even more at night, when you light up and give me the prettiest blurs.

colmar10and back to strasbourg at the end of the night, where there was cheese and bread waiting for me.

colmar11and a salad as well as an omelette with bacon and tomatoes and cheese and mmmmmm how i love trains and france and amazing people!


donna said...

must say that you and france agree....it's a good friendship.....france has a lot to offer, but I'm sure in your own way you will "return some kindness" to her.....have made my own choucrute before...it's quite easy...i have german heritage...it's just a staple of life in germany...like bread!

Eka said...

Lovely blog!! I always visit it because I'm in love with France too! Have a nice day!

émilie said...

Très belles photos... tu sais vraiment capter la magie du moment... Et puis j'avoue que j'ai un faible pour les carrousels ;)
Est ce que tu as profité de ce petit séjour en Alsace pour goûter le Gewurztraminer??

cathy said...

@donna: its a friendship i'm definitely loving!
@eka: who isn't in love with france? :)
@emilie: merci! et non, je n'ai pas goûté le gewurztraminer... mais j'ai goûté un vin d'Alsace, sauf que j'ai oubliée le nom...