30 November 2009


evreux01i live in evreux. and while most people might find it boring and dead, i find myself falling more and love with it every day.

however, since i do live here, it doesn’t get much journal love since i see it every day. but don’t worry, i was productive and finally got around to looking through some photos I made during my first week or two here.

evreux02every day, in this bright yellow hallway, i meet, kiss, see, talk with, and laugh with amazing people from all around the world. it helps a lot when you adore the people you live with!

evreux03the river iton is tiny. like, there are points where i could easily step over it. but it has its share of ducks, which i love feeding stale baguettes to.

evreux04and i love peering into all the little houses and their little gardens.

evreux05and the dogs. i love dogs. but i won’t adopt one until many many many years later, when i have time, a house, and a backyard. until then, i’ll just pretend all the adorable french dogs are mine.

evreux06for example, just look at these cuties waiting for their owners who are checking out books and cds from the bibliotheque. especially that one in the back – he’s so ready for his owner!

evreux07and the farmer’s market, bien sur.

evreux08i don’t think there is a farmer’s market that i’m not in love with.

evreux09when i was younger, we had a willow tree in the backyard. but it got cut down because it kept tangling with the power lines. happily, in evreux there are plenty of them and i no longer miss them.

evreux10When people ask me why I am in Evreux or the academie de Rouen, they are always surprised when I say that I chose it. After all, none of the other assistants (or workers) put Rouen as their #1. Just me. And I always give 4 reasons.

1. Close to Paris

2. My prof came from Rouen, so it seemed like i knew it more (even though it was still as mysterious as the rest of france)

3. Rouen is very unpopular, so i thought my chances of being accepted would be higher if I picked somewhere that no one else willingly wanted to go.

4. the clouds

one, two, and three make sense. but people always are confused by number four.


evreux11 i’m

evreux12 serious.

always. how can one not love those puffy clouds that make the sky so dramatic and lovely? i’ve visited the south of france – and while it’s nice, the skies are clear and blue. like texas, which is all i’ve seen my entire life. i want cloudy, diffused lighting, puffy goodness!

and i’ve got it.

evreux, i love you!


Yann said...

Reading from you, I was wondering if the Evreux you would describe was the one I've been living in for years. Fortunately, speaking about Iton river was a definitive proof that I was right. The clouds could be considered as the final clue !
I've never imagined someone could speak about Evreux in that way. That's almost poetry !
Your pictures are astonishing too. I wouldn't say they are all pretty (I'm not sure you aim to take pretty pictures) but they send us in a pleasant universe. Continue that way, your blog is a pleasure to be read.
PS : sorry for the unperfect english, I'm doing my best.

cathy said...

@yann: Hello! thanks for such a nice comment :) i'm glad that you enjoy my photos/words as much as i enjoy evreux.

ps: vous écrivez très bien l'anglais, je comprends tout, mais si vous voulez, vous pouvez écrire en français aussi parce que j'aime beaucoup votre langue.

Yann said...

Tu sais Cathy, je suis comme le coq français, j'ai besoin de faire le fier de temps en temps !
Avec un peu de retard, bonne balade à Lyon ou j'ai vécu quelques années.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your comment - the clouds - they're amazing to see. In the summer this year (Aug '09) I was driving around Evreux and there were no clouds in the sky, just a beautiful clear deep blue sky - very pretty. There is so much history to see in Evreux and it can be felt as I walk around the town. The weekly market is very colourful too and I enjoy walking along the Iton River in the town towards the Cathedral.
Interesting blog - keep it up please.
Greetings from London