29 November 2009


mannheim01ahh, mannheim! my first ‘real’ experience in germany. it started with a cup of coffee bigger than a shot glass. yes. a cup of coffee that took me twenty sips rather than half a sip. i love france but i also love big cups of things!

and what greeted me once i arrived at my friend’s apartment? chopped apples for apple pancakes and feldsalat, aka lamb’s lettuce in english.

mannheim02the next day we went to Heidelberg to visit a castle. but i think that the scenery from the castle is more exciting than the actual castle itself.

mannheim03one thing germany can’t do wrong: anything with the word kartoffel. aka, potatoes. even ready made lidl potato salad is delicious.

mannheim05what’s interesting about mannheim is that unlike most european cities, the city is laid out on a grid system. therefore, there are no street names, just blocks. such as A4, C5, H9, etc.

mannheim04they’ve got a nice water tower, which i suppose is one of their landmarks. that and shopping. lots and lots of shops here!

mannheim06a late night bike ride with random strangers. a museum visit. a late night walk after celebrating a birthday in a very high bar. just a few of my favorite things to do.

mannheim07luisenpark. i’m quite a boring person because i like parks.

mannheim08but this one had flamingos!

mannheim09 and geese! and leaves everywhere. *they also had cows, sheep, horses, etc, but i didn’t make any nice photos of them.

mannheim10a chinese style garden. a wavy paved road. and a huge huge variety of plants as well.

mannheim11in texas, i’m pretty sure we don’t get the brilliant yellows and reds and oranges of fall. we might. it could be that i’ve never paid attention. but i’m 90% sure that fall just doesn’t exist the way it does in other parts of the US/Europe. Either way, i’ve discovered that what makes me happiest is seeing bright yellow leaves. i think it’s because of how they glow.

but since these photos were taken about a month ago, they’re long gone now… hello winter!

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Eileen said...

No it's true, we don't have fall in TX the way they have it in the Midwest/northeast/Canada. But I think spring makes up for it!