12 November 2009


strasbourg01welcome to strasbourg! i honestly picked it par hasard (by chance/randomly) when my original toussaint plans fell through. i literally opened up a travel magazine and flipped through it to find somewhere in france to travel to. but i had such an amazing time and met so many wonderful people, so now i am wondering, was it really par hasard or not…?

strasbourg02ribbons. real, soft, flexible strands hanging in a shop window. and stiff porcelain ribbons that still convey that same feeling of delicateness. either way, i love ribbons!

strasbourg03l’épicerie. with it’s long wooden table so you’re forced to sit with strangers – but it doesn’t feel strange at all, only like a giant family. with their decoration from a french grandmother’s home. and with soup for a girl who lost her voice the first night in strasbourg. delicious!

strasbourg04i <3 museums, but that’s another post for why. however, at the musée archéologique, i couldn’t have been more fascinated with the little numbered cubes that help the visitor figure out what is what. especially since right now i’m 22, and in exactly one week, i’ll be 23.

strasbourg05and i find myself continuously fascinated with windows rather than the contents of museums.

strasbourg06i also would like to stress that nothing makes me happier with someone invites me to their home and cooks for me. especially when it’s delicious. if not, its still okay with me, because its the thought that counts!

strasbourg07and late walks around the european parliament makes for gorgeous blurry moments.

strasbourg08i never thought that i’d be able to see stars plus clouds at one time. but it indeed was possible!

strasbourg09my amazing host V makes her own red wine vinegar. her own orange jam. and adores elephants because she’s spent a good amount of time in cameroun. these are small details i love that i could never get out of traveling hotel style.

strasbourg10over at the musée d'art moderne et contemporain, they had a special exhibition on color. no way was i going to miss that!

strasbourg11i wanted to visit mont sainte odile, an old monastery outside of strasbourg with apparently an amazing view, but the bus to it only runs on weekends… i was sad for a bit, until i walked right into it, in painting form! and like i always say to myself, la prochaine fois – i’ve got lots and lots of time and opportunities in life to try again next time.

strasbourg12and the most perfect way to end a trip is to eat dinner. a homemade dinner. with a group of new and amazing people who were strangers at first, but you can now call friends.

but technically, the trip is not over, since i also went to basel, colmar, and mannheim…. more later, i promise!


x said...

these pictures are so gorgeous, especially that night sky, thank you for sharing!!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Your pictures are stunning! Strasbourg is such a pretty town!



donna said...

you transport me to another place.......a comment on your night sky; it occured to me while looking at it that the picture is a visual description of life...we can see both cloudy and bright at the same time....life is not just one or the other......

émilie said...

Ce ciel nuageux et étoilé à la fois est magnifique!!! Il me rappelle les aurores boréales que je voyais quand j'habitais en Finlande <3

cathy said...

i <3 tout le monde (everybody) for your wonderful comments :)

Jen said...

I love the artistic way in which you lay out these stunning photos. Thanks so much for sharing.