02 December 2009

faking it

fake04fake01 fake02 fake03

found this thanks to fanny.

(the photos are, from top left and clockwise: colmar, paris,honfleur, honfleur)

i think if you do something fake, its okay as you admit it and don’t hide it and pretend it’s real.

kind of like my job, since i’ve no real clue how to do anything, but am doing my best and learning each day what works and doesn’t. it’s hard feeling lost, but i’m learning lots!

fake05so, i think there will be lots of fake photos on my journal because i can’t resist how magical the results are.



t said...

I think digital effect is no faking. It's just a kind of "filters". The analog one is placed front of the lens, digital is used when developing "films".

Anyway I like your photos, cathy. They are beautiful always (or very romantic sometimes) both faked or not ; )

cathy said...

@t: aww, thank you so much! okay, i will no longer call them fake photos. just cathy-style photos :)

Lizzie Chen said...

Woah, this is soo cool! I am gonna have to steal this little website off you! Maybe you'll see some of my fakes soon too. ;)

fanny said...

oh cathy, I'm so glad you liked them! this application is quite addictive isn't it?

x fanny