23 December 2009

fromage frais / fromage blanc

dessert.jpg_effectedfromage frais = fromage blanc. it’s a fresh white cheese that you can’t really find in america. more info here. and when you need to prepare a simply but amazing dessert, it’s amazing.

*ok, cheese as dessert is an idea that would’ve grossed me out before france. but. it’s not cheese like the cheese you’re thinking of. and i can’t really think of a good comparison. it’s not yogurt. it’s not custard. it’s not ice cream. it’s not pudding. it’s not whipped cream. it’s not buttercream. it’s not a mousse. it’s just… what it is. and the only way to understand is it to taste it. so please, find yourself in europe one day!

strasbourg063look familiar? yep. indeed, i was served this in strasbourg when a friend of a friend made dinner for us. i love being invited to eat at someone’s home because it means i get to observe, ask, and learn. i always take notes, then recreate it later on. as much as i love cookbooks, this is definitely my favorite way of discovering new recipes.

but it also means that you are never given any exact quantities – cups, grams, etc. no. it’s always “oh, you just chop some pork up, sauté it with a bit of onions with a chunk of butter, then you add a few tomatoes…” it sounds intimidating, but you know what? i’m learning to have confidence in myself in judging how much is needed for how many people. and it’s working!

so, if you are ever in france and need to make a dessert:

fromage frais with fruit

fromage frais/blanc

vanilla bean(s)



recipe: slice open the vanilla bean and scrape the seeds and mix it with the fromage frais along with the sugar to taste until it tastes good. then add the fruit on top. in my case, fresh clementines and canned cherries. the rare rare time i will use something canned.

SO, happy holidays, i just got back today, but i’m off again tomorrow morning, so see you next year!


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A lovely dessert!

Happy Holidays and all the best for the New Year!



donna said...

happy and safe travelling.......

silvia said...

It looks very yummy......
Happy New Year...

Jennie said...

Happy holidays!!!

I agree, it's impossible to describe exactly what fromage blanc is to Americans.