14 December 2009

i went to lyon for the lights but i came back with something sugary and red.

rosethis past weekend, i spent some good quality time with my best friend: the oven. we hadn’t hung out in over a month and i was just not feeling right.

soon, you’ll be able to meet all the new friends i made:

mango avocado pizza

pear and speculoos tart

cashew maple syrup golden raisin granola

spiced trail mix

but for right now, you get to meet tarte aux pralines roses.

lyon06 it started with my trip to lyon. i was enamored with all the specks of red i was seeing everywhere. the bikes, the flag, the lights, but most of all… the pralines roses that were in all the tarts, croissants, brioches, madeleines… every patisserie in lyon had something with these pralines, and i was on a tasting mission.

praline01a praline is simply a nut coated in sugar. and according to this blog, there are 3 types of pralines. 1. the brown one that is the most common. 2. the filling used in belgian chocolates. and last but not least 3. the pink praline, which unlike the brown, does not have the sugar caramelized* and has a very bumpy appearance. and while we’re at it, we can also add 4. american southern praline, which has cream added, and usually features pecans rather than almonds.

*but i am a little confused, because the book i have says the sugar is caramelized… so i don’t know who to believe… ?

rose02my original idea was to buy a pink praline tart to bring back and share with my friends, but:

1. that’s expensive

2. it wouldn’t be fresh since i’d have bought it the morning before.

3. the idea of navigating a 5 hour car ride + paris + train with a delicate tart terrifies me.

4. i could just buy the pralines in a pretty sachet and make it myself.

5. and that would give me an excuse to buy a book…

leshallwhich is exactly what i did. say hello to les halles de lyon by sonia ezgulian, jean-françois mesplède, and emmanuel auger.  i fell in love with a book that collected recipes from people who work in a market devoted only to regional and local products. and there are hints of their handwriting which makes the book so much more personal.

and on page 99, i found my recipe – with no photo, so the form was up to my imagination.

let’s get baking, shall we?

praline02 Ingredients:

1 sweet pie/tart dough

Part 1:

80g heavy cream

80g crushed pralines roses

Part 2:

50g soft butter

50g powdered sugar

2 egg yolks

125g all-purpose flour

pinch of salt

Part 3:

200g heavy cream

Part 4:

some more crushed pralines to decorate

Recipe from Bernard Mariller from les halles de lyon p. 99

praline03line your tart pan with your tart dough.

for part 1, bring 80g of heavy cream to a boil and then stir in 80g of the crushed pralines. stir vigorously so it doesn’t burn, and continue for a few minutes so it’s a bit thicker and not too runny. then set it aside and let it cool. (and worse to worse, if it is too thick, just reheat and add more cream, or if its too runny, just reheat and stir a bit longer to let the liquid evaporate. in the end you’ll be mixing this with some whipped cream.)

for part 2, cream your 50g of softened butter and then mix in 50g of powdered sugar as well as your 2 egg yolks. once all together, add in your 125g of flour and the pinch of salt. for me, the mixture was very crumbly, and i have no idea if that’s the way it was supposed to be, but it tasted fine so oh well! line your tart pan with this mixture, and bake in a 200C oven for 15 minutes.

for part 3, whisk your heavy cream into some thick whipped cream and then gently add in the cooked praline cream mix from part 1. you’ll have a most delicious whipped cream that will be hard to stop stealing licks from…

once your tart has spent 15 minutes in the oven for part 2, take it out and let it cool for a bit, then spread the whipped cream mix on top.

put the almost finished tart in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes to let it cool.

and finally, for part 4, sprinkle with the crushed pralines and eat!

praline04mmm. if i don’t bake, i feel very unbalanced. so now, i’m back to normal!

ps, i can’t even buy those pralines here in normandy… i have to go to lyon. so i can’t even imagine how i would get them in america. it’s amazing how truly regional things are here in france. which only makes them more special!


donna said...

sugary and red fits right in with christmas! love the pics....

Jennifer said...

This looks and sounds SOOOOO amazing!!!

cathy said...

<3 merci!