17 December 2009

la neige

i just have to pause a moment to say…neige2 it snowed!

neigeand it’s only 7:50am! i’ve got the whole day to play! (and work as well, don’t worry)


chocolatecup said...

tell you a little secret?
i have never touched snow or seen snow before but i know it will definitely be more beautiful than i will ever imagine it to be:) lovely pictures by the way.

cathy said...

@chocolatecup: you'll see snow one day! and it will indeed be very beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

I was pleased to see your neige pictures - it snowed in London at the same time as Evreux. Eurostar couldnt cope with the snow, and many delayed in London and Paris. I built a snowman in my garden - but 4 years ago I helped to build seven snowmen near to Evreux...they was so much snow then. Happy Days!
Enjoy the holidays
Greetings from London

Ancarol said...

beauty white season ! i hoping were be there because i can see the snow ;)