03 December 2009

a last minute decision with absolutely no hesitation

lumierei always planned on going to lyon. it’s the gastronomic capital of france. i thought i might go sometime next year, in the spring or something.

but then i received comments on this journal, a message from a stranger on facebook, and tons of people in real life telling me that i must go to lyon for the fête des lumières in december.

so my plans to visit lyon got bumped up to december, because, well, there won’t be any light festival after christmas.

i began to plan my christmas vacation, which if all goes well it is: evreux->lyon->strasbourg->evreux->paris->zurich->evreux. but lots can change in 16 days, so we’ll see.

lum2HOWEVER, while making plans for lyon, i was told that the fête des lumières is not simply a thing where the city is decked out in christmas lights, but an actual event with installations and events and shows for four days only. four days which are not during my vacation. in fact, its happening this weekend. and i found out all of this yesterday, wednesday morning.

there was no question of “should i go?”, instead the moment i found out it was this weekend i immediately thought “great, i’m going to lyon this weekend!” after many visits to many websites later and phone calls later, i’ve got rides and housing all arranged. in just one day. go me! (i just hope i come back alive)

so thank you for those who left comments telling me i should go to lyon – because i am. i really am. and if no one told me, i don’t think i’d have known since i’m not super proactive in searching out events.

and now, i’m going to come back with hopefully some new friends, lots of photos, and definitely lots of delicious things.

see you soon!


rabbittx said...

Have a Nice and Wonderful trip.

Lizounette said...

bon voyage! I'm so glad that you're going - I can't wait to see your photos, which are bound to be delightful.