16 December 2009

a salad and a tartine

its always wonderful when i find someone who likes to cook and doesn’t mind being photographed and also cares about the angles and colors like i do. N was like that in quebec (with a salad and tartine as well), and so is K from france who lives in the foyer with me.

and i love nothing more than observing how people prepare food – because it gives me lots of ideas for me to copy and adapt for how i eat.


1 tomato

1 apple

2 slices of ham

1 shallot

2 walnuts


2:1 olive oil : balsamic vinegar

dijon mustard to taste

ksalad02it’s all very simple. You just dice everything and mix it together. K is the most graceful food dicer i’ve ever seen. everything is perfectly cubed and he does it so effortlessly. me, everything is blocky and rectangular and not very classy… but hey, in the end, it all tastes good, right?

ksalad03And then you mix the olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and honey mustard to taste. You add that to the salad… and you eat. I stole a gout and it was delicious. But when you start with such yummy ingredients, how could it taste bad?

ktartineand the tartine! K’s idea of a dessert is a slice of bread spread with nutella and then some apple sauce on top. so simple. but so delicious.

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Jennifer said...

Great photos! I have to agree about dessert...nutella on toasted bread works for me too! Merry Christmas!