09 December 2009

until i find time

lyonteasei’m back from lyon. in fact, i’ve been back since monday at exactly 12:40 after narrowly not missing my train back to evreux. arriving at paris st. lazare at 11:43 when you train is at 11:45 is dangerous. especially when you have to be at work, so missing a train is not an option.

and i know working 12 hours a week is not a lot, but i still find myself super busy.

so. i know it’s cruel, but this is just a little tease of lyon – there will be lots, lots more later once i’m calmer and have time to sort through photos!

ps, i’m definitely in love with lyon… and not finished with it. not at all!


Wish said...

Oh my. What kind of tart is that?

cathy said...

@wish: praline tart! i just made my own and will be writing about it soon :)!

Lizounette said...
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