18 January 2010


butterthat’s not cheese.

that’s butter. real butter. my life changed the moment i had it.

there’s no point in me finding adjectives and words to describe the taste. i’ll simply tell you what you do:

  1. go to a local cheese shop and buy the butter that isn’t packed in fancy paper with a label.
  2. then you go your favorite bakery and buy a good loaf of bread.
  3. and then you eat them together.

and i promise, nothing will ever be the same again.

moments like that make me realize why i love being here. stuff like butter and bread is awful in america. what is so basic, so simple, so important is made complicated. it’s made far away. it’s made in huge quantities. it’s got things i can’t pronounce added to it. it’s not right.

of course, if you search in america, you can find good bread. you can find good butter. i think. but the point is, you shouldn’t have to search. it should just be there. just like how i can stroll into town here in evreux and find farm butter and fresh bread. and i also love how i can talk to the person who made it. or at least talk to someone who knows the person who made it.

i’m not claiming that all of france is like this, because they’ve got their fair share of supermarkets and such. but they’ve got a lot more little specialty shops that keep you connected to the people who have a passion for their product.

i’m filing this under my list of “reasons why i’m nowhere ready to leave france yet”


Jennifer said...

OH i agree with you!!! Thats one thing I miss about home. you know where things come from, mostly all local.

émilie said...

Du bon pain tartiné avec du bon beurre... miam miam... c'est vrai que les basiques ne se démodent jamais ;) ce que j'adore c'est saupoudrer un peu de nesquik dessus!!! Ca me rappelle les goûters de mon enfance ;)

Jennifer said...

P.S I left you something on my blog! :)

cathy said...

@jennifer: <3 you very much!
@emilie: oooo je dois essayer ma tartine avec le nesquik la prochaine fois... merci pour l'idée!