22 January 2010


fevreif you read any food blogs that have a connection to france, for sure you’ve seen some galette de rois loving recently.

thursday night we had a galette de rois party, about 15 galettes in total. the flavors were: frangipane, raspberry, chocolate, and apple. 

no nice photos of the galettes because i was too busy slicing, serving,… and… peeking.

because hidden underneath all those layers are little fèves. literally “bean”, the fèves are small ceramic surprises baked into the cake. whoever bites into the slice with the fève gets to wear a crown and is queen or king for the day. but be careful not to chip your tooth!

all the bakeries compete with each other by the fèves that they put in their cake. because around this time the fabophiles come out in full force to collect the different fèves.

for the patisserie that our galettes came from, it was little russian matryoshka dolls. which i’ll take any day over the harry potter and sponge bob fèves that other places are using.

and i now have a mini collection!

in my defense, i only started peeking and setting aside certain slices for me at the end when we had lots of leftovers galettes and everyone had already received their obligatory four slices. not to mention there are nice people who gave me their fèves. i’m hoping my collection will grow because the complete set will spell out epiphanie. so we’ll see if i’m successful in a few days as i hunt down the people who don’t want their fèves :)


donna said...

those are so darling.......reminds me of "El Dia de los Reyes" (king's day) in mexico.....where the bread is called a Rosca....with the tiny baby Jesus hidden inside....

Yann said...

Bonjour Cathy !
Aujourd'hui j'ai pensé à toi car mon père nous a apporté une tarte au framboises de chez Enout (rue de la Harpe à Evreux).
Je ne sais pas si tu connais mais si ce n'est pas le cas dépèche-toi car le patron part à la retraite à la fin de ce mois.
Cette tarte aux framboises est succulente !

cathy said...

@donna: yep, the idea exists all over! i know of a "king's cake" eaten in lousiana, also with a little baby. and they also do the same in switzerland, but with brioche... interesting how there are so many variations, no?

@yann: bonjour! merci pour le conseil, maintenant j'ai un bon raison pour acheter quelque chose délicieuse :)