11 January 2010

chez t

i have have been physically back a week ago. but oh no, not mentally! three birthdays + one goodbye + one friend from the US visiting for 5 days + one 38C/100.4F fever + work = one very busy and tired cathy. but i’ve finally got my time back to myself! it felt so nice to start organizing the massive amount of photos i made over the break as well as all my thoughts.

chezt01the ambiance of a family and a home is the one thing i was missing most in december. a couch. pets. a garden. simple things i take for granted that make a huge difference in how much you enjoy your day to day life.

so imagine how happy i was to be invited again to my penpal T’s house. again. i was there last year. and now, one year later, i was going again!

since i don’t work wednesdays, i hopped on over for short 1 night 2 day stay.

chezt03it was right before the christmas break, which not only helped me deal with any feelings of homesickness, but also let me have a peek at how the french celebrate the holidays.

chezt02a home. it’s all i wanted. and i’m so grateful to have been able to spend a night with T and her family. note the clementines. everybody is eating them because not only are they in season and cheap right now, but they taste so good and take so little effort to eat.

chezt04i have a huge huge huge love for the sheep in france. i’ll explain why later on, but for now all you need to know is that i <3 french sheep like no other.

chezt05and you know i was soaking up all i could about the dinner. a home cooked meal! a home cooked meal! nothing nothing makes me more excited than a home cooked meal! especially when it’s by someone’s parents. when friends cook, that’s amazing. but when a parent cooks – that is a whole different level.

there was a salmon quiche. pasta.  and a most amazing pork + onion + tomato + curry + crème fraîche + rice dish. i took good notes and i’ll be sharing the recipe eventually, don’t you worry.

chezt06tea and an opéra cake for dessert.

chezt07i love T’s room. and i also love how she has the longhorn i sent her on her wall.

chezt08the next day for lunch, we had leftovers with a pumpkin soup. and cheese and bread, of course. it wouldn’t be a french house without the cheese box in the fridge.

chezt09i don’t just collect recipes when i visit someone’s home, i also collect their bookshelves. it’s a project i started in photography when i was still at UT, and although i’m not a student anymore, i’m still continuing with all the ideas that began there.

chezt10they just reveal so much about the personality of the person, don’t you think?

chezt11and sadly, a train back to paris so i could take a train back to evreux. but it meant i got to kill some time by visiting galeries lafayette and their amazing christmas displays. gare st. lazare is really becoming the area in paris that i know best. that and maybe nation.

chezt12and that is how i began my wonderful holiday adventure. there is a lot more that happened later.

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ahhh that dinner looks like perfection. yum!