21 January 2010

doing & thinking

meltedthe snow actually melted a while ago.

and the circus left a few days ago as well.

but i’ve realized that my ratio of doing to thinking has reversed since i’ve been in france.

at UT, i was always in class, in studio, studying, working, prepping, driving, memorizing, experimenting, making, photographing, developing, soldering, partying, etc. – i rarely had time for myself to think.

but here in france, i don’t do much. so that leads to a lot of thinking.

which is bad. because i’m leaving may 11th and i’ve yet to accomplish many of the goals i set for myself before i came to france.

so now, i’m ramping up my efforts!

snow here are just a few random things i will do before i leave:

-finish my german grammar book + 2 french grammar books

-find out how french style bakeries ended up taiwan when it is definitely not part of the (historical) culture

-start searching and interviewing people for my research for my eventual plans to go to grad school

-make friends with the patissiers and fromagers and other people who work in specialty shops here in evreux

-see if i can even do the CAP patissier program

-continue my bookshelf/collection/memory photography project

that’s just a glimpse. the entire list is scattered across multiple pages in my handwritten journals.

but it all makes perfect sense – i am never productive until i start feeling pressure. and in this case, pressure is a set date of when i’m returning home.


Lizounette said...

So many fun things- good luck with them all! What sort of research are you interested in doing?

Jennifer said...

I find myself in much of the situation at times... Im so glad you are able to actually THINK in France, regardless oh when. I hope you do get to do all the things you wanted!!! :)

cathy said...

@lizounette: it's a good thing you asked, because i've got one major one in my head right now, but have kind of forgotten the others. until i remembered that i wrote a post about them a while back here: http://laprochainefois.blogspot.com/2009/04/grad-school-plans.html

BUT for the momenti want to interview people who have found a way to learn a foreign language through their interests. ie, i used cookbooks to learn. another friend i know finds penpals and writes to them to learn english. and another watches a ton of tv shows and movies to learn. it's just a starting point though, and i'm not sure what direction it'll take, so we'll see!

@jennifer: thank you! <3 it's good to be able to think, but when i start thinking too much, the headaches start!

Lizounette said...

Very interesting subject matter!