12 January 2010

lyon, again

lyonagain01this was supposed to be my first time in lyon – i had it all planned it out with everything set. then i found out about the fête de lumières and decided to go earlier. but i didn’t cancel my original plan, it just became my second visit instead.

lyonagain02colder. quieter. whiter. calmer. but just as beautiful and magical as the first time.

lyonagain03ba different host, a different way of eating. a giant thing of cured ham, plus a salad made up of random things: lettuce, apples, tomatoes, brebis cheese, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, and sesame oil. i love salads because there is no recipe – just a list of ingredients!

lyonagain04and i finally made it to les halles. a large market selling only regionally produced goodies. from what i’ve gathered, the original was opened in 1859 and torn down in 1971 because it didn’t meet the normal hygenic standards. but a new one was opened in 1971, renovated in 2006, and now it’s perfect.

say hello to the bouchère, who looks happy to be help you with whatever meat you’re dreaming of.

lyonagain05i went on a sunday before christmas. not a very smart idea. too many people = not a lot of photos. but! do you see this? look at that green cake by richart. isn’t it amazing how… comfortable it looks? that cake not only looks delicious, but plushy and soft as well!

(this is what 4 months without a couch turns you into.)

lyonagain06the poissonnier was quite busy as well.

lyonagain07these photos don’t technically belong together. the right is a tower of praline goodies at les halles, while on the left you have a cake from bernachon. not going to lie, david lebovitz is one reason why i decided to pick lyon as a city to visit. i won’t say that i visited lyon for just a chocolate shop… but it was definitely a big motivational factor :)

lyonagain08just like my last trip, i was spotting red everywhere. and it only continued on my second visit. i’ll forever associate lyon with the color red.

lyonagain09contemporary art. how i love you and need you. it’s nice to take a break from all the historical things in france :)

ps, if you’re under 26, here is a bonus reason for going to lyon: all the museums are free if you’re moins vingt-six!

lyonagain10i’m pretty sure there will be a third time for lyon. it’s too perfect of a place for me to not go back.

after lyon, i continued my christmas vacation by hopping on a train to strasbourg…


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I really want to visit Lyon again! Thanks for those beautiful pictures!



cathy said...

me too! :)