04 January 2010


mangoavocadopizza01i made this last year (just 2 or 3 weeks ago, i forgot), and it feels odd to start the first post of this year with something i did last year, but i’m just not ready to sort through all the things i did over the break…! so please enjoy this yummy pizza :)

what’s special about this pizza (for me) is that it is my first time making something from a german cookbook. it’s from page 227 of kochbuch by tim mäzler that i bought in mannheim. and just like i learned french, i’m going to attack german with the same method: cooking and cookbooks!

pizza germanhere you can see my lovely notes. i can’t wait for the day where i only have to look up 2-3 words instead of every other.*



150ml milk

150ml peanut oil

150ml water

1 tbs butter, melted

1 pinch salt

600g all-purpose flour


chili pepper (forgot to buy it, so left it out)

2 tbs chopped basil

2 tbs chopped lemon balm (couldn’t find it, so left it out)

2 tbs chopped coriander

2 tbs lime juice

1 tbs olive oil

75g sour cream (i used crème fraîche)


1 mango (350g)

2 avocados

buffalo mozzarella

sea salt


2 tbs olive oil to brush on the dough

mangoavocadopizza02the dough. First, you mix all the ingredients for the dough together until you have a nice smooth dough. Then let it rest for 30 minutes in a covered bowl.

mangoavocadopizza03the sauce. For the sauce, you’re supposed to puree everything together… but i don’t have the equipment to do that, so i just chopped the ingredients as finely as i could and then mixed it with the sour cream + oil + lime juice.

mangoavocadopizza04the topping. peel and slice your avocados into strips. peel, pit, and slice your mangos into strips. and slice your buffalo mozzarella into strips as well.

mangoavocadopizza05the assembly. roll out the dough, brush some olive oil on top, then layer evenly the toppings. pour the sauce over and finish it off with a nice sprinkle of sea salt pepper.

the baking. bake in a 220C oven for 40 minutes. the book says that circulating air is not recommending, so it should be baked in the bottom of the oven.

i’m definitely loving living in a place where buffalo mozzarella is normal and not a specialty!

so, happy late new year’s!

*i would like to note that i photocopy the recipe and that in no way would i ever harm my cookbooks by marking in them! also, for those who are into language learning, here is my method: i read the entire recipe once, get a headache because i don’t understand a thing, take a break, then i go back later and underline every word i don’t understand, then i slowly look up each word in the dictionary.

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