18 January 2010

pit stop in evreux

evreux pit stopafter strasbourg, i made a quick stop back in evreux because afterwards i’d be spending christmas with a friend i made there, m. i arrived the 23rd, and we’d hop on over to her place on the 24th.

but also, there were some people who had to stay at the foyer for christmas because they had to work… so we decided to have a mini christmas dinner!

i knew exactly what i wanted to make. the pork dish that t’s mom made for dinner when i visited. and the fromage frais that i had in strasbourg.

and the best part was that i got the recipe verbally. not written. not from a book. from an actual french mother. i simply listened and took notes as she told me what to do. in french.

therefore, the recipe does not make a lot of sense… because even when i made it, i had to do a lot of guesswork as most of the recipe went something like “then you add three to four tomatos, depending on how many people, then you add some white one, and also your onions, but about two to four, depending on….”

i had the advantage of eating the food first before attempting to recreate it, therefore the hazy instructions worked out just fine for me. i doubt they’ll work for anyone else, but i at least would like to note it in my journal.

ingredients (for about seven people):

pork (enough for seven people)

butter (half a stick, or less… )

oil (enough to fry the pork in)

onions (3-4, diced)

tomatoes (4, diced)

tomato coulis (one small jar)

curry powder (to taste)

salt (to taste)

pepper (to taste)

white wine (half bottle)

rice (enough for seven people)

creme fraiche (to serve with)

  1. cook the rice
  2. cube the pork
  3. sauté the pork in butter and oil
  4. remove the pork from the pan
  5. sauté the onions in the butter and oil
  6. add tomatoes
  7. re-add the pork along with the tomato coulis, white wine, curry, salt, and pepper
  8. let simmer. the longer the better.

serve with the rice and a nice dollop of creme fraiche. mixed together, it’s heavenly.


Ancarol said...

i also do the guesswork sometime as you saying ....by the way your christmas dinner it make me jealous ; )great job .

Lizounette said...

Looks delish! So Tomato Coulis? I don't recall seeing that one on the shelves. Is it like tomato aspic or tomato sauce?