17 January 2010

strasbourg revisited

stras01i could have easily picked a different part of france to explore. but i really loved strasbourg and my friend V. so i squeezed in a short one day trip to revisit her and this magical city.

stras02you bet i made a beeline back to au fond du jardin and bought some madeleines. the flavors changed. the forms changed. but still the same deliciousness as the first time. i also bought some the most heavenly scented tea, but i ended up giving it away. all the more reason to come back in the spring! *plus the shopkeeper remembered me!

stras03also made a stop at weiss chocolatier. i’m in love with their rouge baiser bar. white chocolate crammed with dried red berries. crammed to the point that the bar is no longer white, but a lovely light pink.

stras05i always make a stop at the windows of patisserie christian. here you can see their interpretation of the traditional bûche de noël.

stras04when you talk about strasbourg, there is no way you don’t mention the christmas markets. so many things to see and taste and buy!

stras06each year they have a guest market where a country is invited to set up their version of a christmas market. this year it was russia’s turn. isn’t that such a wonderful way to have a glimpse into another culture’s way of celebrating christmas?

stras07sadly, imported tacky goods have also flooded the markets. but if you look hard enough, you can find things that are representative of alsace. like these springerle molds to make cookies. which i of course bought and will be making cookies eventually!

stras08handpainted gingerbread ornaments.

stras09spices. everything you could dream of.

stras10a mini village. a wall of jams.

stras11purple/blue lights are my favorite to photograph. perhaps because it’s winter, but i just love how icy they look.

stras12little traditional alsacian homes!

stras13always end with a good meal. in this case, my friend V made some chicken with a roquefort sauce. melt roquefort, butter, crème fraîche (sour cream is the closest thing in america) together with some mushrooms, then cook some chicken breasts in it. so simple, so good!

stras14as for dessert… gâteau au fromage blanc, aka cheesecake. époisse cheese. and bredle cookies, little tiny cookies that are traditionally baked for christmas.

i love the subtle differences that a city goes through with the change of seasons. autumn in strasbourg, check. winter in strasbourg, check. spring in strasbourg… let’s hope!


donna said...

i do hope you make it to strasbourg in the spring, so that we can see the pictures!...i used to make springerle cookies ...it has been years since i have tho.....thnx for the pics....

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That is such a beautiful place! I'd love to visit Strasbourg!



cathy said...

@donna: i think its time to make them again! ;) the molds are so beautiful!
@rosa: please do :)