23 February 2010

brief interruption

i’m just going to interrupt belgium for just a moment to jump to the present tense in evreux. just wanted to share four small things that i enjoyed very much today:

break011. sliced apples with some whole grain mustard (aka moutarde à l'ancienne) with a bit of honey drizzled on top = happiness in my tummy.

break022. i saw twins today. twin rainbows.

break033. the puffy clouds i love so much are slowly making a comeback. you can see them peeking out under the rain cloud. just a few more weeks, and i know i’ll be reunited with my favorite type of clouds. i can’t wait.

break044. i’m definitely taking advantage of the fact that i can see stars in the sky. imagine growing up and learning about the big dipper and orion’s belt but never having the opportunity to see them? but now, away from a population of 6.3 million people, there are a lot less lights, so i can finally marvel at things in the sky!

okay, end of break, we’ll be travelling back in time to where i left off, back in ghent!


Lizounette said...

apples, honey and mustard... Je n'ai jamais goute ce combination!

Et comme toujours, tes photos sont tres belle. Un jour, peut etre si j'aurai du chance, j'espere que je peux faire la meme beaute.

cathy said...

@lizounette: miammmm mais c'est trop bon... même sans miel, le plus important est la pomme + la moutarde!

Touring in Brittany said...

I've never tried this combinaison aswell...
I dare ????