22 February 2010

hot chocolate, languages, and soup

beginning01a good trip starts off with hot chocolate in paris. which is a great way to get rid of all the heavy change in your wallet.

beginning02and then you have a salad for lunch. but it’s more of a beast. because it has the most wonderful tartine of three cheeses, soup, sliced potatoes, mushrooms, cucumbers, and tomatoes piled on top…

expoyour plan to visit some museums is wiped because you see this poster plastered all over the paris metro. you drop everything you planned on doing because how can you resist a large gathering of people who love languages?

beginning03so you end up here. but you have to rush because you have a bus to belgium to catch, and it’s about twenty metro stops away! and there’s no way that bus will missed. so you do a quick run through, grab all the pamphlets you can, and leave to catch the bus.

beginning04then you fall asleep on an uneventful bus ride and arrive in a city filled with fog. it’s a bit hazy, but you see someone arriving on a bike. you hear a “hey!” with a distinctive accent. you squint. and you see someone you couchsurfed with in quebec who is now living in ghent. the moment you recognize her, you become incredibly happily, run to her, give a huge hug, and start talking nonstop.

the conversation continues with a delicious homemade soup made with carrots, honey, orange juice, and ginger. served with bread. and chocolate filled with salted caramel. oh, you also goût a bit of hazelnut spread too. not nutella this time. something creamier and much better.

after that, you keep talking. but the conversation ends after a few hours for that pesky thing called sleep. but you fall asleep super happy and curious about what new things you’ll encounter in this flemish city.

i'm not sure why i wrote all that in second person. i suppose i just started and didn’t feel like changing halfway through.


Lizounette said...

c'mon Cathy, you wrote it in second person so for your devoted readers it would sound like a choose your own adventure story!

cathy said...

good point :) i guess i want everyone to feel exactly how i felt! i'll admit that i went back and changed it all to first person, but i still didn't like how it sounded, so i switched back to second person. it's interesting how just changing from first-second-third creates a completely different tone and feeling.

Jennifer said...

Cathy, this story literally had me dreaming it was me living out that day! what a great one!! from the real hot chocolate, to the languages expo, the carrot soup, salted caramel chocolate and did you say something creamier and better than nutella? yum! Reall fabulous!