02 February 2010


claville02 sunday. 10am. 1pm. 3pm. all day, i was full of hope. there were puffy clouds in the sky. sky was blue. not a drop of rain. a marvelous sunset was awaiting me around 5:30pm!!

so, hop, into a car and off to a random countryside excursion with a few friends.

claville03but… the puffy clouds had thinned out and turned into clouds that were still nice, but not perfect ones for sunsets.

claville01but it was all worth it because i got to see ducks walking on water.

claville04and more beautiful french houses in the countryside.

claville05i did get yelled out for taking this photo by the homeowner. the right of a photographer is always a fine line between law, judgment, common sense, sensitivity, etc, etc, and it gives me a headache. there is no right or wrong, it’s always a gray area. but my general philosophy in life is if that someone wants to do something bad, they’ll find a way to do it and there isn’t really a way to stop them. so please, lighten up when someone is just trying to find patterns and textures around them!

claville06thankfully nobody got mad at me for the duck photos. i mean, ducks walking on water – that’s just too beautiful to get mad and paranoid over, don’t you think?


donna said...

ya never know...people get paranoid over the weirdest things........

Brittany Marie said...

beautiful pictures! Is it a setting on blogger that you use to make the edges rounded?

cathy said...

@donna: they do. and it's no fun for me when people are paranoid :(
@brittany: hi there! i write my entries in windows live writer, and there is an option of making the inserted photos have rounded edges. as well as borders, shadows, polaroid frames, etc. a lot more fun than the blogger one. plus its free!

Lizounette said...

Oh.. windows live writer; this is a great tip. I'm going to look into this, too! Thanks, Cathy!