09 February 2010


ghent01ghent. it was gray. i didn’t see a hint of blue in the sky. or any hues of reds and yellows that i so love seeing when the sun sets and rises.

ghent02but my short visit was far from colorless. it was in fact one of my most colorful trips so far. and not just in physical things i saw, but also how i felt.

i don’t have the time right now to exaggerate, but i’ll be back soon enough to share all the magical things that happened in ghent. <3


Lizounette said...

such romantic pictures in your last photo!

cathy said...

pure coincidence for valentine's day! i was mesmerized by the way they were displayed. but it certainly captures my mood :)

Lizounette said...

hmmm... is there a romance story to come perhaps?

Veerle said...

How nice to read what you write on my hometown!!!
It really is the best place to live!
Looking forward to read and watch what more you want to share.

cathy said...

@liz: i wish! but nope, not this time.
@veerle: have to agree with you. ghent = just so perfect.