10 February 2010

just a few more months

cloth01some things i’m looking forward to doing when summer arrives:

wearing only one layer of clothing. goodbye tights and scarves and hats and boots and jackets and thermals and sweaters and wraps and gloves.

enjoying the double digit celsius or fahrenheit weather. 29C or 85F please.

dipping my spoon into triple layered summer desserts – aka, strawberries-pudding or whipped cream-pound cake trifle.

making one hundred fruit rings.

yes – that’s my summer goal. and i’m writing it here in hopes that it’ll make me actually stick to it instead of the one billion ideas and projects that float around in my head but never see the light of day – or should i say, summer?


Sapna said...

I just came across your blog today- and I wanted to say that I love your photos, stories, and fruit jewelry! It's truly amazing. I think making 100 rings by summer is a great goal. I was so inspired by spending the day reading your blog that I decided to delve out into a snowstorm here in New York City to "make photos." Thanks for the inspiration. -Sapna

christelle is flabbergasting said...

You can do it!!!
I vote for your 100 rings + 1 for me !!! :D
Just kidding of course ! I see truly amazing projects on the go !! And, ho, if you want some comfort, don't forget that in Montreal it's colder than in France... and that I just live constantly with 4-5 layers of clothes in!!!

cathy said...

@sapna: thank you! and i hope you had an amazing time making photos. just hope your fingers are not too frozen!

@christine: ouch! thankfully, right now it's slightly warmer here. and i hope the same for you as well in montreal!