23 February 2010

a kiwi smoothie to start the day in ghent

ghentday01 ghent really starts with a lovely view out of a cosy loft. and a collection of cups. that will soon be filled with a freshly made smoothie.

ghentday01bn is just amazing. but she moves quickly! note how she uses a wooden citrus reamer. faster, more efficient, and definitely easier to clean than a press or juicer. plus your arms get a mini workout. aside from the orange, also included in this lovely blend are: kiwis, limes, lemons, bananas, and…

ghentday01cthe obligatory maple syrup. because i love how she uses it in everything. however, since she’s no longer in canada, she has to be a bit more careful with her reserve. but seeing the can makes me super happy! isn’t it so wonderfully designed? and it brings up terrific memories of quebec.

ghentday01deverything together, then blended for a perfect morning smoothie.

ghentday01ebread, cheese, caramel, butter, speculoos cookies… and i think a jar of that hazelnut spread snuck in later on.

ghentday01fand the walk into town begins!

I honestly don’t know the quantities. I wasn’t paying attention to that. But if i were to make an educated guess…

3 kiwis

1 banana

1 orange

1/2 lime

1/2 lemon

maple syrup

Peel and chip the kiwis and bananas into small cubes. Juice your orange and add it to the mix. Squeeze in some lemon and lime juice. Don’t forget to add a little bit of maple syrup! Finally, blend it all together. And pour into 2 little glass cups. Drink, eat your breakfast, and get ready for your day ahead!


Lizounette said...

what a sweet start to the day; fresh fruit makes everything better!

donna said...

i've been on a kiwi kick lately.... so this fits right in...let me know if you find out more about the "curtains"....thnx

cathy said...

@lizounette: oh yes. it just really opens up your senses!
@donna: will do :)!