25 February 2010

sunday morning markets in ghent

ghentmarch01as you stroll into town, you spy boxes. of bananas, you think? oh no, this isn’t a food market…

ghentmarch02boxes of bunnies! and ducks with the most elegant hairdo ever. (just look how cool that duck looks!) piles of eggs. and people staring right into your camera wondering why you’re making photos.

ghentmarch03a most gorgeous handwritten price sheet… along with a bunny that just makes you melt. except, don’t forget that it’s really cold so melting isn’t possible.

but keep walking. there’s another market just a few steps away…

ghentmarch04a flea market! yes yes yes! old random things. an absolute favorite. a surprise in each bin. something is meant to be found. or perhaps you’re searching for something.

i found an old old old photo album. it was so perfect. elegant slits to slide in photos. frames. borders. threaded binding. yellowed pages. i would have bought it, but there were still photos inside. and i’d have feel awful if i deprived those photos of their only (beautiful) home. so, my new search is for an old and empty photo album. because i don’t want to be the cause of stacks of homeless photos.

ghentmarch05you try to soak in as much as you can because the market shuts down around 1pm, so tick tock, time is not on your side!

ghentmarch06ooooooo. this catches your eye. vintage wedding dresses. a basket full of vintage scraps. ooooooooooo. you wander into the little shop and marvel at all the beautiful buttons, hats, dresses, gloves, scarves, and earrings that are being sold. but you leave your camera in your purse because it’s more polite. when you’re ready to leave, you say dank u, exit, and head back to the flea market…

ghentmarch07and you hit the jackbot. vintage clothing. four of five racks crammed with everything that just makes you tick. and the best part.


the best part.

the price. let’s just say, after seeing the prices of vintage clothing in paris and strasbourg, one becomes a bit depressed. but in this little market, 5 euros can get you a gorgeous dress… or 15 or 25 in a boutique… much, much, much more affordable.

sadly, you see people taking down their tents and boxing up their goods. and so you go inside a few shops to warm up, then it’s back to exploring!


Lizounette said...

I'm loving your recent "voice." the duck is great - such a great melange des tresors.

Ancarol said...

i may take a chance for flea maket !

cathy said...

@liz: and i love playing with different styles! so much fun.

@ancarol: me too :)