21 February 2010

a warm-up for things to come

i love the word mélange. it sounds so much better than blend, combination, or mixture.

the last 2 weeks were a wonderful mélange of:textile01ghent. in belgium.

textile02pont de l’arche. in france.

textile03istanbul. in turkey.

the above photos are all of textiles. but, their forms and functions change depending on where they are. an old flemish dress. curtains of a french-moroccan home. and scarves at a mosque in turkey.

i love seeing how culture and environment influence the differences in everyday objects. small details are what i like to look for.

i just got back from istanbul, and while it’s obviously the freshest in my mind, everything from all three adventures are all blurred together for me, so i thought i’d ease back into this journal with textiles. just a little warm-up post for all the stories i’ve got to share!


Jennifer said...

I love that word too :) Beautiful textiles, Cathy! Looking forward to the stories to come!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Beautiful shots and great textiles!



donna said...

i love the french moroccan curtains.....haven't really ever seen any quite like those.......

cathy said...

merci! <3
@donna: i actually am not sure if the curtains themselves are moroccan, french, or somewhere else. but they were -in- a french moroccan home... so who knows! i'll have to ask.