04 March 2010

absorbing ghent

ghent01after the market, you continue absorbing all the things in ghent. it’s a city full of details so you have to keep your eyes open at all times, or else you might miss something! like the dog/bear/lion head holding a handle on someone’s door.

ghent02as usual, the ratio of pastries available to the amount that can fit in your stomach is astronomically uneven. but in any case, a good belgian waffle is: waffle + powdered sugar. no nutella, no piles of fruit, and no chocolate. maybe you can scoop off some of that whipped cream that came with your coffee. crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside is the way to go.

ghent03perhaps it’s all that living in france, but you can’t help but be attracted to all the reds and blues and whites. oh wait, maybe it’s the fact that you’re also from america and texas too… it really is the best color combination, isn’t it?

ghent04peeking into pastry windows. so many things to discover!

ghent05a gummy cake. not so pretty. not so tasty, you assume. but fun? definitely.

ghent06more interesting door handles that you’re attracted to. and shop windows filled with old goodies from another era. mini clips + string + pictures = a combo you love.

ghent07details! look left, someone’s peering down at you. look straight ahead, and it’s a reference to a great painting. look right, yet another person spying on you. eyes open, or else you’ll miss out.

ghent08what a lovely giant photograph you find plastered on some wall. you look at it, keep walking, but then your head jerks backward because you notice something…

ghent09someone has added moustaches and other inappropriate things to the photo! something about the simplicity and subtleness of the graffiti on very prim and proper old women makes you giggle. you fall even more in love with the playful nature of the city, and keep walking.

ghent10you pause here. and you can’t help but imagine this house in spring, when the flowers will have bloomed and it will be bursting with colors.

ghent11but in the mean time, you get your color fix from the bakeries.

thanks to the cold, you duck into a museum…


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures and wonderful impressions with us!



donna said...

as always thanks for a glimpse into your travels......i really like that little "bakerman" in the last set of photos.....cute, cute.....

Touring Brittany said...

Oh well what about a nice walk in Brittany to discover a monk's cheese...

cathy said...

@rosa: thank you :)
@donna: he captured my heart as well!
@touring: oh, i've thought about it! i want to visit brest. but i'm waiting for it to be warmer... as well as a convenient way to get there :) eventually!