25 March 2010


simplelunch01spring means warm weather. which means a bike. which means a backpack. which means… perhaps pastries have a chance of surviving. shall we continue?

simplelunch02minimal damage. but regardless of whether or not there was damage, the taste will always be good.

simplelunch03you might wonder how i eat. with a mini kitchen with bizarre hours, that is on a different floor, that is just a pain that turns me off from cooking.

but. i have access to good bread.

as well as frozen vegetables that just need a quick zap in the microwave. and some mediocre salmon or deli meat. actually, i have access to really good sliced ham for sandwiches but i choose to spend my money on other good stuff to make up for my not so good meat…

simplelunch04like good cheese. in this specific photo, le galletout, a goat cheese from cazillac in the south. i have to eat it quickly because i can’t handle the smell in my room each time i open the fridge.

simplelunch05and also i’m very lucky to have access to…

simplelunch06good butter. really really really good butter.

holy moly. honestly, when your basics (bread, butter, and cheese) taste amazing, life without a kitchen isn’t too bad.

actually, no, it’s still awful. but having access to all this stuff keeps me sane.

so yeah. that’s what i eat. a lot. every few days i change it up with either a new cheese, a new type of bread, and occasionally a visit to a pastry shop for something sweet. or salad instead of frozen veggies. and i’m nowhere near sick of this deliciousness!


Lizounette said...

omg my heart! spanish paprika butter??? do you think I can I find this in Paris?

cathy said...

@lizounette: yes, i think so. the butter is made in bretagne, but they have a form where you can ask them where the nearest shop that sells their product is. so good luck!