18 March 2010

chez s

chezsara07chez is such a great word. language wise, it does not work the same way home does. but meaning wise, it’s exactly the same thing. when you’re invited chez someone, someone is opening up their home and their life for you.

not having seen my own home since september, it means a lot to me when someone is kind enough to invite me.

chezsara04seeing things like laundry clips make me happy because that’s really the only place you can see them: in someone’s home.

chezsara08and a dog! a french dog who understands “assis!” and “reste!” but not “sit” and “stay”!

chezsara01a simple meal. a loaf of homemade bread. yes, even with all the bakeries here, people still bake their own bread! it’s only human nature :)

chezsara02i always though those apple peeling machines were a waste of space. i still think they can never compare to a simple peeler, but, i will admit that they are tons of fun and give you beautiful even slices.

chezsara03the french <3 their yogurt. and their applesauce. and their puddings. and their mousses. and their creams. and i <3 for it. when i return back to the states, i want to make sure my fridge is stocked this well.

chezsara05 making cookies. and making a smily face too.

chezsara11a collection of objects from who knows where.

chezsara06i also adore how seriously they take their breads.

chezsara09my favorite photo. my friend’s room. the wood is very typical of french houses. the print is from a trip to egypt. the moroccan teapot is made by her grandfather. and who knows about the owl. but i just love it when i see different cultures interacting so perfectly.

chezsara10her adoration, her passion – music.

chezsara12can you guess another thing she loves very much?

chezsara13so elegant. so beautiful. so graceful. so white. so MEAN. swans are vicious animals…! especially when you have stale baguettes to feed them. i’m not sure why fairy tales gave them such wonderful reputations, because they are definitely not friendly!

chezsara14i’m incredibly thankful each time someone invites me into their home. home is just something i take for granted back in the states, because it’s always been there and will always be there. but in europe, i am very grateful to have lovely friends who let me have a home away from home :)

such a great way to rest in between two trips. three short days here, and then, off to paris… and then to charles de gaulle… and then… istanbul!

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