06 March 2010


let’s take a break from belgium and give some love elsewhere. namely, evreux!

randomlove01 i still don’t trust the french post. but they delivered. a package. from taiwan. quite heavy. with a certain scent…

randomlove02taiwanese sweets. direct from taiwan. i love my mom (who was visiting my grandma who i also love very much) and i love sweets. i requested only a little bit to share, but she gave me enough to throw a feast. therefore i’ve been force feeding all the frenchies and assistants the past few days.

randomlove03some delicate pastries didn’t make it. but the taste is still good!

randomlove04and then i redistributed and repackaged certain goodies to go back again to the post. to be forwarded to certain european cities ;) i love mailing things!

randomlove05february was hard. gray skies. no sun. all the time. as much as i love france, not seeing the sun for consecutive days is tough on a girl from texas.

but lately, the days i’ve been longing for and dreaming about are coming back. the days with the most beautiful sunrises i’ve ever seen in my life. full of drama. full of pink. full of colors that remind me why i chose normandy and not the south.

randomlove06and boy does evreux deliver. those quick 10 minutes of gorgeous hues when the sun is setting is all it takes for me to forget about those gray skies in february. those weeks of bitter cold. and it’s only getting better as we near spring.

it’s already at the point where i don’t need to wear my gloves and wool hat anymore. soon my scarf will go. and then my jacket. and then my boots. all that will be left are t-shirts and cotton skirts.

spring. i absolutely cannot wait until it arrives!

and i don’t even need to mention how happy summer will make me.


hope n laughter said...

Don't worry you aren't missing much in TX it's also been cold and unsunny in Feb. but March is looking to be promising.

I LOVE Spring the warmth returning and all the newness blomming.

Lizounette said...

mail, especially packages, are always so exciting to receive! and spring is just a couple weeks away!

cathy said...

@hope: i heard it snowed a few weeks ago! amazing.
@liz: yes yes yes. absolutely can't wait! hope your garden blooms perfectly :)