01 March 2010

a glimpse into my checklist

my to do list

find a good bakery

write a french cv

write a french cover letter


earlywake up at 5:45am and go into town when it’s empty

make pastries in a french bakery

i’m not getting paid, nor do i care to. just being able to be in a french bakery and getting hands on experience is good enough. so far this is just a two day thing, but that’s more than enough for me. i’m so happy to be on the other side of the beautiful bakery windows in france – the side where all the magic happens!


donna said...

how very, very cool!!!!!!!.....i think most people, even in France haven't done THAT!.....oh please tell us what it was like!

émilie said...

C'est super tu passes de l'autre côté du miroir!!!! Profite bien de cette expérience ;) j'attends avec impatience que tu nous donnes tes impressions.

cathy said...

will share soon enough! :)

rabbittx said...

can not wait to hear your new great experience.