06 March 2010

het huis van alijn

ghent28you find yourself at the Het Huis van Alijn because you read online that there was a temporary exposition of a passionate collector’s collection.

ghent12so you enter. and you find out the museum is split up into three buildings. first up are objects from the daily life of people of ghent. like dolls. and things that dangle.


ghent14beautiful shoes. beautiful lace. and beautiful patterns.

ghent15old notebooks and old photos. museums like this are your favorite because it gives you an opportunity to imagine how people lived through the objects they used to use. and it also inspires you in your own life as well!

ghent16and you wish you could hear the melody from this huge huge metal disk for a musical box.

ghent17back outside for a quick moment to go to part 2, the temporary expo. the one you have high hopes for. a collection of objects that symbolize life. twenty years worth of objects. dealing with things is the name of the expo.

ghent18you enter, and it’s exactly what you wanted. and more. shelves piled and piled with stuff. stuff that was important enough for someone to keep and save. stuff! stuff that may be “worthless” compared to gold or silver, but for you, this room holds things much more valuable.

ghent19like wooden toys. plastic plates. snow globes. little statues that are coming from who knows where.

ghent20a duck peering down. coasters. poker cards. you have a chat with the nice lady at the front desk, and you find out it’s the collection of Jaap Kruithof, a professor and philospher in ghent. He was terrified that at the rate people just bought stuff and trashed stuff, the future would not have any objects of the past. therefore, for twenty years he collected things that reflected life. he also saw america as very evil for being the symbol of consumerism :(

ghent21you become very inspired because you spot that… wooden frame collection box? you aren’t sure what exactly they’re called, but that sounds about right to you. and you want one. you want an old one. you want to fill it with things. you aren’t sure exactly what, but you can’t wait for the day where you find the perfect… “wooden frame collection box” to hang on your wall and just fill it up with your own collection. it’s now on the “to buy” list.

ghent22and for the “to make” list, you become even more inspired because you spot this grocery list and you plan on making one similar to it. one day. you just fall in love with the simplicity and efficiency of it. just slide the red bar over when you run out of something, and slide it back once you’ve bought it.

back to the cold, and into the third part of the museum!

ghent23old bicycles. old drawings. old everything. old just makes you tick.

ghent24especially old patisserie!

ghent25but then you find the private children’s party area. and sneak a peak. it’s all new stuff, but nonetheless something you enjoy looking at very much. the hidden contemporary ghent life.

ghent26tupperware sporks. models of typical ghentish rooms from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. an old packet of bobby pens.

it’s nearing 4pm and you’re famished because you haven’t had any lunch yet. so off you go, in search of something hot and tasty…


donna said...

curio cabinets, also known as curio boxes, were very popular in the 70's....the particular one you showed could have been older than that......i believe they date back to the victorian era.....

cathy said...

@donna: ah! thanks for the info. i'm glad they have a name. i'm just a sucker for things with lots of compartments :)