25 March 2010

i prefer lies

lie01when it comes to weather, i prefer lies. because this is depressing.

lie02the bbc is even more blunt.

see you monday! let’s hope i don’t become trempée this weekend.

istpreviewps: i’ve been hard at work on istanbul… just slowly plowing along.

pps: have a great weekend! I hope it’s rain free and sunny and beautiful, like spring should be.


flowers from ecuador said...

Why do you prefer lies? I don't like lying.. That's an insult..

cathy said...

@flowers: only when it comes to weather! i like to hope that there is sun, and when i see a forecast where the whole week has rain... i just prefer a little glimpse of hope, even if it may not be true :)

jessie said...

hii i love your photographs and I'm doing a project on fruit at the moment. so I really want to use you as my inspiration for it. Could you possibly tell me your full name, otherwise I can't use you :(

cathy said...

hi jessie!
my full name is: cathy wu.

hope that helps! good luck with your project :)

jessie said...

thankyou very much! :)