11 March 2010

soup and salad

ghent29straight from the museum, you quickly walk down the street into this restaurant. it has a simple concept that works. soup + bread + apple. a perfect combination. sometimes, too many choices is a bad thing.

ghent30then you just wander around ghent for a few hours, trying to see as much as you can before it gets too dark.

ghent31night falls and you begin the walk back, hoping you remember the way back home correctly.

ghent32you wish you lived on a boat on a river. (not the exact boats pictured here.) a boat house! which doesn’t really exist in dallas. so you wonder if mobile homes exist as well in europe…?

ghent33it’s cold. it’s raining. and your lens has rain droplets on it. but you love it because it adds a spider web effect to all the lights.

ghent34you also love ghent for the sheer about of bicycles that are being used. it reminds you of austin and you become happy thinking about that lovely capital…

ghent35then you arrive back at your friend’s place! the loft of a lovely… house. apartment. you aren’t sure what exactly it is, because this type of housing doesn’t really exist in american culture, but it’s still a very lovely place.

ghent36and you snack on some chocolate bread… with perhaps some of that hazelnut spread or some homemade caramel…!

ghent37now, the real show begins. your favorite part. watching someone cook. first up, N slices some bread into cubes and sautés them in some butter and oil to make some croutons. with some salt and pepper as well. so tasty. you pop a few in your mouth just to to make sure they’re good. and then you pick at the burnt ones because you just love burnt food.

ghent39she starts chopping the persil. you keep clicking away.

ghent38then she starts on the vinaigrette. some whole grain mustard and some normal mustard. later she adds garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper, and…. especially for you because you absolutely adore it… the beloved maple syrup. normally she doesn’t add it. but when you’re around, she makes sure to sneak it into everything.

ghent40then some capers from italy (she was just in venice). they are salted, so she rinses them off in some water. look at that difference! and the salad begins to take shape on the plate with the first layer of greens…

ghent41then she whips out some green onions and some red peppers. dices them quickly. and then sautés them.

ghent42everything is piled high! along with some slices of salmon. ooo, this salad just keeps getting better and better…!

ghent43and she adds your second favorite part (the first being maple syrup, of course): the poached egg. just like in quebec. but this time, in ghent and in winter.

after that it’s bon appétit!

ghent44on her kitchen wall: a postcard from venice. with a second bird taped to it… you can probably guess why, as well as who it’s from.

and and and and and and and and and and a photo of the strawberries that you bought and ate in quebec from the summer before!

which reminds you: just a few more months until strawberry season… ! ! !!


it’s your favorite fruit, so all those exclamation marks are justified.



Lizounette said...

what a wonderful day of eating and seeing! Like a cherry on a sundae an egg on top makes so many dishes that much better :-)

cathy said...

@lizounette: the egg is truly amazing. i <3 it so much!

Lindsay said...

Thanks for the salad story in pictures --- I'm going to try it out tomorrow after going to the marché.