24 March 2010


i don’t know where all my time goes.

actually, i lied. i know exactly why i don’t have time. but i have an urge to write write now, at this exact moment, even if it’s not about istanbul and my photos aren’t ready. so here are the reasons why time escapes me…

istanbul151. adding bars of color. looking through my istanbul photos, i’m so inspired by the colors. so i’ve started adding color tabs to certain photos that i feel has a strong connection with a certain color. here’s just one example… the reds of istanbul. from the flag to the pastries to the architecture, i just love how color ties them together. *plus when i was younger and even now, the only redeeming aspect of home depot and lowes was their paint chip collection. but making these bars takes extra time. but i’m in love with it so it’s completely worth it.

2. 7am bakery days. i’ll have more to say… and hopefully something to show later on! i don’t want to bring out my camera and scare them away :) but it’s easter season, so there are lots of pastels, eggs, and rabbits around!

3. volunteering for l’afev. i haven’t mentioned this yet, but it is a big timesucker. i’m learning so much about myself by volunteering – a lot of things i don’t like, but are just a part of my personality and i don’t think i can change.

4. travel. a trip to amiens. etretat. paris three weeks in a row. fecamp. i do a lot of absorbing and seeing but i don’t save a lot of time for reflecting. for example, i’m nowhere done collecting my thoughts about istanbul, and already i’m leaving this week for… belgium… and next week… germany… and then the week after that… slovenia… and then… portugal…and then… texas. 

5. work. this one has stayed constant. love my school. love my students. it’s not a real time sucker, but combined with the other things on my list, my day disappears quickly!

6. people. i just like talking and hanging out. so easy to get sucked into a conversation or activity, and next thing you know, it’s midnight. but all so worth it.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Wow, lucky you! That is such an awesome place. enjoy!



cathy said...

:) merci!