18 April 2010

the beginning of a colorful walk through istanbul

istanbul01gray. when you take away color, you start to really see. things like textures, patterns, and shapes. which is why i love this photo so much. 2 colors, but far from simple.

but that is not the theme right now. i’m doing a 180 and will be taking a plunge into the colors of istanbul. from each set of photos, i’ve highlighted a few of the colors that i like and added them to the side. plus, they remind me of divider tabs, which brings back memories of my elementary school binder

istanbul02the first thing you might notice in istanbul are the stray cats. lots of them. but no stray dogs. only pet dogs.

and you also like spotting your favorite patriotic colors: red, white, and blue. or in french: bleu, blanc, rouge.

istanbul03browns. another subtle reference to red, white, and blue. the browns of pastries. and a hint of green for the spring that’s on its away. as well as a hint of green for the flood of pistachios that you’ll see later on…

istanbul04gold. you can’t help but adore the colors of the marble, the mosaics, and the paintings in an church-turned-mosque-turned-museum, the kariye museum.

istanbul05brown and red. the browns and hint of orange in the market vendor’s sweater. a nice thing about istanbul is the willingness of people to pose for photos. in fact, you never ever ask to make a portrait, but if someone poses automatically, you go ahead and step away from your usual style.

istanbul06green and orange. and you notice how the vegetables are presented differently in turkey. the leeks and carrots are nicely trimmed and dirt free. but the eggs (above) are sold with dirt still on them.

plus! you discover the backpack basket. they have the same function as the wheeled shopping bags in europe, but it’s these slight differences that define a culture. *more on this later

istanbul07red. strawberries are sold with the stems still attached. fresh cheese in huge tubs. pomegranates, which are a delicacy in texas, are everywhere in istanbul!

istanbul08blue. in tiles. on buildings. piles of buttons. and gates.

your eyes are wide open. there’s just so much to see. to do. to taste. to talk about. to notice. all the colors grab your attention constantly, and you can’t wait to see what else istanbul will reveal to you! but the beginning has already left a strong and delightful impression.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What beautiful pictures! That is such an interesting place!



Lizounette said...

I love the gold and blue sets! Lovely photos, comme d'habitude!

émilie said...

Tes photos sont superbes, tu as vraiment su capter les petits détails qui comptent ;)

Et j'adore la palette de couleurs à côté... c'est vrai qu'on dirait des intercalaires <3

donna said...

you do such a beautiful job arranging your "sets" of pictures...truly an artist's eye.....

cathy said...

merci a tous :) je chérir toujours touts les commentaires!