18 April 2010

the last two weeks

in the last fifteen days….paques01spring started to show itself.

paques02i saw the sea.

paques03i talked to lots of people – some strangers, some friends.

paques03bi saw mountains.

paques04i ate well.

paques05i took lots of daytrips to explore small towns.

paques06i of course did lots of pastry tasting sessions.

paques07a volcano erupted and forced me to go to munich.

paques08and as inconvenient it made travelling, i at least was able to eat a delicious brezel to finish off my trip.

but first we are going back in time back to february to visit istanbul. april vacation will have to wait!


donna said...

welcome back.....missed ur blog 4 those 2 wks!

cathy said...

@donna: aww thank you!

Lizounette said...

so nice to hear from you again!