22 April 2010

a long journey, but not for me

it began innocently enough, just two magazines and a book.

but, it grew.

it grew into this (which is actually very restrained, because i can easily acquire this amount of stuff each month… so for eight months, i think i did a very good job.):post01every letter and postcard that was mailed to me.

every book i bought from each of my travels around europe.

every journal that i filled with ideas, thoughts, and inspirations.

post04 every sheet of anything that i’d pin to my wall.

every pamphlet i picked up from the numerous salons and expos and bakeries and restaurants that i visited.

every magazine article i clipped.

post03my beloved map of france with all the towns of my friend’s circled.

post02all spread out in 9+ little parcels weighing 5 kilos each, on its way to a new home. my home across the atlantic. in texas.

i’m putting all my faith in the  french and american postal system – please please please don’t fail me. the things most precious to me are too heavy for me to bring back as one person. so i sent them on a long journey.

but, if they do get lost, it isn’t the end of the world… which is why the one thing i’m not shipping back are all my bank/housing/work/health/etc documents. because in france, paperwork is king. you lose one sheet of anything, and there goes your chance for accomplishing anything. because i hope to come back, i don’t want to risk losing a thing. those will be traveling by suitcase.

so – hopefully – in a few months (no more than 2, i hope) – there will be a very very very excited and happy cathy in texas posting here with the safe return of her books and papers.


brian said...

best of luck to you!

soulsearcher said...

i love the photos in this blog post..you seem like an adventurer type of person..you seem to live in different places...i have always wanted to travel and enjoy good food..and blog reading..its like an escape for me - to see beautiful things posted on the internet such as these

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Just curious though, is it cheaper to send your packages the way you're been sending it rather than to use colissimo packages?

I've been sending packages home from France too, but have been using colissimo and it's not cheap!

cathy said...

@anonymous: yep! there is a "tarif livres & brochures" for books/documents/cds/dvds/magazines etc. the maximum is 5kg and it's 13.72EUR for the USA. On the contrary, it takes a long time... 6... 8... who knows how many weeks. but i hope they safely arrive!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I wish I would have known about that before. I could have saved myself so much money!