23 April 2010

the stroll continues

after the walk in the market, you continue wandering around istanbul and absorbing the atmosphere…istanbul09wedding whites. although you are in the most conservative area of istanbul where on the streets you see burqas after burqas, in the shop windows you see extravagant wedding dresses. poofs. layers. glitz. the complete opposite. through these dresses, you see a culture that loves to celebrate. to enjoy life. to be with family. to dance. it’s not a side you see often because of stereotypes and media portrayals. but wedding dresses that fun can’t possibly be lying.

istanbul10obligatory reds and browns. things one sees all over and must do and eat. the ayran yogurt drink which is offered at all your meals. small restaurant cooking. bread. turkish coffee.

istanbul11rainy grays that turn into blue skies. while you don’t enjoy rain, this one was worth it because it cleared away all the pollution and you enjoyed lovely weather for the rest of the day.

istanbul12blue and brown. marble and wood. floors and doors. squares and more squares. patterns and motifs. you love combinations.

istanbul13red and yellow. your first mosque. unfortunately, it’s under heavy construction. but still, for never being in a mosque before, it’s still nice. and the carpet! it’s odd at first being barefoot in a place that isn’t home, but you get used to it quickly.

istanbul14green and browns. first you see a (fake) stained glass window. and then later you’re looking through spotless windows… at what else. kadayif, eclairs and baklava! all with hints of pistachios.

istanbul15red. red flower on a cake. a red building. pink cookies (with the usual pistachio on top). and banners with a red crescent.

istanbul16red. you’re surprised by the amount of chandeliers you see in mosques. but in any case, it just adds to all the patterns you’re seeing and loving.

istanbul17blue. deep blue skies. with a speck of red that you can’t miss.

istanbul18blue. again. for the doors you see as you wander the streets,  for the sky with plenty of sunshine, for a mosque that is closed for renovation, and of course for the sea.

istanbul19peachy yellows and pinks. colors of a sunset. you’re thankful for the rain because it washed out all the haziness caused by pollution.

istanbul20blue. the ubiquitous ayran yogurt drink – made by carrefour. you always find it interesting when a foreign company makes a product for a specific region that can’t be found in their home country. it’s just odd seeing the brand on something that you can’t get in the home country. and the laughing cow! even if it’s the lowest of the lows on the cheese rank, it at least makes a foreign country seem more familiar.

istanbul21yellows. for when you eat a turkish home cooked dinner at night and your only light source are light bulbs. the cake – you’ll never forget it. pistachios. raspberries. bananas. chocolate. all things you love, but never really thought of putting together. until you ate this cake. and you’ll be making an interpretation of it soon. very soon.


Lizounette said...

looks like a very beautiful visit. Those wedding gowns are so fun.

Alice Van-Weed said...

looks like a very a stunning place..rich in culture..i have never thought that istanbul is this nice..

donna said...

i like all the clouds!