12 May 2010

the last day

stopping01i took off my watch, hoping that if i didn’t know the time, it’d stop.

but it still went by all too quickly.

stopping02the last two weeks have been a blur. a trip here, a trip there, hanging out here, lunch there, dinner here, partying here, talking there – i savored every moment that i possibly could with people i consider my family. i had no time for myself. every moment was spent laughing, talking, and joking with some pretty incredible people.

stopping03i waited for the sun to rise, but he flaked and never showed up. which just means i took a rain date for september…

stopping04soaking up the last bits of evreux that i adore so much.

stopping05steps. i love steps. you climb them to get to higher places. often your body hates you for it… but it’s also where you sit and gather and talk. and then memories and conversations become attached to certain steps. i’ll never forget the steps of the building in which i lived for the last eight months. the cigarettes smoked, the umbrellas held, the picnics eaten – these steps are more precious to me than one would initially think.

stopping06i also finished my last day with a tour of the normandy countryside. i learned to tell the difference between barely and wheat. i saw donkeys, horses, sheep, cows, dogs, chickens, roosters, goats… there is so much beauty in simple things.

texas sunsetafter taking the train from evreux to paris, then the metro/RER from paris to charles de gaulle, then the plane from charles de gaulle to… dallas/ft. worth.


my home.

i’m so happy to be back. so much has happened in the past few months. i’ve changed. i’ve learned. i’ve tasted. and i can’t wait to move forward to see what will happen next. i might go back to evreux. i might not. only time will tell. but i’ll continue doing things i like to do.

just because i’m in texas doesn’t mean i’m finished with traveling.

i’ve got a huge huge huge backlog of things i’ve done in europe but haven’t had the time to sit and reflect and write. like… istanbul. we’ll be continuing that trip very soon.

and i’ve also got books. books to read. books that will continue to take me to other countries and cultures. books that are going to show me amazing things and give me a different perspective things. books that i adore and can’t wait to start digging in.

i have got not one, but two ovens. you know exactly what that means.

not to mention, there’s texas itself. i’m noticing things i never noticed before. and i want to do things i’ve never done before – like marfa, enchanted rock, or south padre island. i also want to do things i have done before, like the botanical gardens or eating barbeque. things i’m going to do, learn more about, then show and share with my friends in france. things that are normal or common to me but absolutely bizarre for them.

so! summer, i’m ready!


donna said...

you're back safe and sound in texas!....wow talk about a contrast.....i'll miss the little "trips" you took, and the french countryside, but will (of course) keep checking in...you have an artistic flair to your blog i love....

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Welcome back home! Your shots of Europe were splendid, now I'm waiting for more gorgeous pictures from the US!



Marthe said...

Sounds like a grea trip!

I'm ready for summer too! :)

KRB said...

Super Excited about you coming home <3 <3

ps: loved that you mentioned books

cathy said...

@donna: thank you! i'll miss my little trips as well. but i am far from finished with europe :)

@rosa: will do! i'm excited to explore

@marthe: <3 summer

@krb: super excited about seeing YOU! <3!!!