27 May 2010

leaving istanbul

istanbul81blue. obviously, you are always sad to leave a new city. but it comes. however, you have an afternoon flight. which means…

istanbul82green. for go. time to go buy pastries early in the morning to share with friends!

istanbul83green. for those pistachios, as usual. so you buy as much as you can with the turkish lira you have left. and you hand carry these precious desserts back to france.

istanbul84blue. for being the sky. the last time you see those turkish clouds.

well, the last time in winter 2010 at least. because you leave with a curiousity to see the rest of turkey – cappadocia, izmir…

and also because you are an idiot and didn’t buy a certain book. you wavered between a bilingual cooking book and an english cooking book. both were excellent. you bought the bilingual one because you assumed the english only book could be found in america. wrong. it may be in english only, but it isn’t available in english speaking countries! so next time you go back you will be purchasing a cookery tale by sahrap soysal. next time.

and until then, it’s back to france!

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